‘Athma Gnana Yogachariar’ SRI VYASANANDHA MAHARISI is a Profound Spiritual Guru, Author and Healer.

The Holy place of Sirkazhi which is the birth place of ‘Thirugnana Samandhar’ the famous hymns beginning with ‘Thodudaya Seviyaan’. Which is the same as birth place of Sri Vyasanandha Maharisi.

At a very young age Sri Vyasanandha Maharisirealized about his soul and received ATHMA GNANAM at the shrine of Thirugnana Samandhar.

Guru Maharisi with his profound knowledge and experience through the Blessing of Supreme God and Gurus extended himself to get this knowledge of Athma Ganam to reach all the people in this world to Live Happy & Peaceful Life.

His Course on Meditation which uncovers the secrets to lakhs of people who thirst to know more about Soul (Athma), Supreme Soul (Paramathma),Liberation (Mukthi) has been praised as the Upanishadfor contemporary world.

Guru Maharisi teaches more than 10 levels of Elevated Meditation methods. He has written over 100Books.

In addition to ATHMA GNANAM he has covered over 15 other titles such as Spirituality, Medicine and Psychology. GURU MAHARISI has also conducted classes in India and other Countries.

In the yoga way of life, the Guru plays a major part in the wellness of the students PHYSICAL WELLBEING, MENTAL HEALTH AND CONTENTMENT when they enter new avenues in life. Guru Maharisi continues to do all the above with immense pleasure.

Guru Maharisi has received Divine Power by fasting for many years with Nirvikalpa Athma Yoga, through which he helps his students to break free from sadness, poverty, ill health, mental pressures and lead them to revived life in yoga filled with HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

By Soul Realization, Soul Purification and Consecrated of Soul, Guru Maharisi helps in attain Oneness with God. Guru Maharisi with his Experience, Knowledge and Disciplines to his disciples to reach the Highest level of Spiritual Life with Scientific Way.

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