Divine Soul Healing

To improve the Physical and Mental wellbeing with the oldest form of Scientific methods without Touching the Body and using No Medicines, by using The Power of Nature, Power of Thoughts and the Divine Power.

To make many people practice Medicine Less Healing, alternate medicine practitioners combined with Holistic Healing and Scientific Religious Methods, completely Heals the patient of Physical and Mental problems and helps them lead a Healthy, Happy and Relaxed Life is the Ultimate Goal of the Divine Soul Healing.

Specialties of Divine Soul Healing methods taught by Sri Vyasananda Maharisi:

There is No Side Effects as it is completely based on Nature, Thoughts and Divine Power

In addition to Healing Ourselves, we can Heal Others Too.

Healing happens without Touching the Body

There is Less Medical Expense in the Family

We can set tight not just the symptoms but the use of the illness as well

Complete and Immediate Healing of diseases which were not possible with traditional doctors and medicines.

Depending on the field of medicine you are currently in, you can take combine it with healing for the fastest and the best way of Healing.

To understand and improve the powers that surrounds the human body.

Based on the divine healing it is possible to gain in depth knowledge about healing without medicines, greatly useful for alternative form of medical practitioners.

It is possible to heal all kinds of possible diseases related to the body.

It is possible to completely heal the base for all problems which is the psychosomatic disorder

It is possible to heal psychological issues which affect the physical and mental wellbeing (bad eye, evil spirit, bad thoughts).

To decrease the levels of diabetes in people by regeneration of the cells and reviving the parts especially the pancreas

In this pure form of healing, in addition to the symptoms, the entire cause of the disease is eliminated leading to a natural form and a completely healed body.

More such importance and specialties of divine soul healing can be learnt at the class.


People who finished the stage of purifying of soul can participate in this training.


  • People who finish this training will give permission to open the Athma Gnana Meditation Center and Divine Soul Healing Center.
  • Guru Maharisi has created a new opportunity to save the physically and mentally affected people and serve the society in a religious manner.
  • There is always a huge popularity for healing without medicines, as people are looking for relief without any side effects. If you practice this and train well there is a great chance that you could become an outstanding healer.

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