What is Aathma Gnanam?

AATHMA GNANAM / Brahma Gnanam / Philosophical Wisdom means ‘to discover truths about oneself’(Gnanam is realization, AATHMA GNANAM is do covering one’s soul)

To discover truth about oneself means to realize that, I am not just a Body, I am not just Mind, I am not an Intention, I am not a Feeling, but to realize the truth that ‘I am Athma’, and to Lead a Life in this world keeping that in mind.


Soul Realization, Soul Purification and Consecrated of Soul with Scientific Way of yoga in a disciplined way of life lead to Attaining the Beatified Spirit and Gaining Wisdom.

Every person who attends this training should Live Every Minute of his life with renewed Spirit with Godly Qualities with Good Physical and Mental Health, Good Fortune with a Continual Feeling of Contentment (receiving wisdom and liberation of spirit while living) are the Goals of this Training.

Benefits of gaining AATHMA GNANAM

  • After receiving AthmaGnanam and Attaining Enlightenment. We can begin to experience the Divine Wisdom and the Divine Power in everything we want. We tend to become a form of Love through the Divine Love.
  • The physical and mental being will be filled with Health, Happiness, Contentment, Good Fortune and other Blessings in a Renewed Way of Life.
  • There would be no problems at all in this world. Break in relationships between people will be Healed.
  • Nobody will cheat anybody. The world will be filled and surrounded with Mahathmas.
  • The thought of ‘I, Me, Myself’ will be replaced with ‘We and Ours’
  • Terrorism, water scarcity, language problems, border issues in countries, economic problems will disappear.
  • Lust, violence, caste problems, religious problems and rape issues will vanish away.
  • We can experience Love, Happiness, Humanity, Unity, Reconciliation and Brotherhood in this world.

After attaining AthmaGnanam, a complete Enlightenment of Life in this world, we can attain the Divine Light like Saints, the Beatification will come in search us. There will be no need to travel alone to find it.

Many people assume that liberation is everything and try various means to attain it. They become sanyasis and go around in mountains and forest. They lose their families and experiences of this world.

AATHMA GNANAM is completely different from it. We could attain the Enlightenment of the soul while living in a family setup and in normal way of life. If we experience and do this right we could get the Beatification of the Soul in the afterlife as well.


This Training Program Educated with Divine Syllabus and Educational Wisdom.

To Purify, become Aware and Consecrated the soul..

  • Sidha Nirvakalpa Meditation
  • Aathma Kriya Meditation
  • Om Meditation
  • Divine Kundalini Meditation
  • Meditation for Golden Energy Creation (3 Levels)
  • Maha Nirvakalpa Aathma Yoga Meditation
  • Maha Yoga Guru – Meditation for Complete surrender.

Most Important Yogas

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Raja Yoga
  • Karma Yoga
  • Bakthi Yoga
  • Gnana Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga/ Jaba Yoga
  • Divine Kundalini Yoga
  • Nirvakalpa Aathma Yoga
  • Guru Yoga

Divine wisdom with this above 9 Methods of Yoga constituting complete Yoga based on Science is taught in both Theory and Practical in a very Elaborate Manner.

3 Levels of the AATHMA GNANAM Syllabus

AATHMA GNANAM can be divided into 3 Levels

Level 1: Realization about Aathma

Level 2: Purification of Aathma

Level 3: Consecrated of the Aathma and fulfilling the Goals

With Divine Blessings the syllabus of AATHMA GNANAM has been designed in a very special manner. It has been divided into 3 levels. The reason behind divisions it into stages is to understand every stage and practice it before proceeding on to the next stage.

Aathma Yoga syllabus is not something that you can learn at any random yoga class.

This class has High Levels of Techniques to make every person into a Holy Soul with an Extensive Divine Wisdom in the Yoga Way of Life.

The Athma Yoga class is mainly for people who believe in Aathma, want to purify the Aathma and walk in togetherness with the Divine Light.

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