VYASA- ATHMA GNANA VIDYALAYAM, is a part of the of trust, of Classical Healing Research Foundation. This trust has been registered (Reg. No. 30/2001) under the Government of India in the year of 2001

The Noble Goals of the trust is based on the fact that ‘Every person born in this world should live a Life filled with Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Continual Gratification and a Revived Life with contentment’.

To fulfill this goal and to make people follow the YOGA WAY OF LIFE, the trust conduct various Spiritual and Awareness Seminars, Workshops, Free Medical Camps, Diabetic Awareness camp in addition to other Social Activities that Benefit People.

It should be noted that to benefit school students and youth, the trust helps in raising their STANDARD OF EDUCATION, teaches them to live in this society with good morals, STANDARDS AND PRINCIPLES.

‘Athma Gnana Yogachariar’ SRI VYASANANDHA MAHARISI is the head of this trust for over 25 years. He continues to Serving to this world with the Bountiful Blessings of the Divine and Gurus.

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